Genie in a bottle

Genie in a bottle

We find out exactly what it takes to create label.m’s hoard-worthy hair products

When it comes to professional haircare, no one does it better than label.m. Since its launch in 2005, it has become an industry leader, delivering products that combine naturally sourced ingredients, salon quality and incredible results. Developed by professional stylists under the creative eye of the Toni&Guy International Artistic Team and Sacha Mascolo- Tarbuck, the fashion-inspired range has become one of the bestloved brands in haircare and a client favourite. In addition to this, label.m has won countless awards and in 2013 it was given the accolade of becoming the only Official Haircare Product of London Fashion Week.

Now with more than 90 products to its name, label.m continues to strive for excellence, as well as nurture creativity and individuality in both professional stylists and clients around the world. But what exactly goes into creating an award-winning haircare range and why is label.m unique? We caught up with the team at label.m to find out.


“The range is inspired by our global clients,” says Magdalena Siwiec, label.m Head of Marketing. “We use our salon experience to evolve and advance high-quality, effective formulas. Our texture-specific products offer something for everyone – from repair, to volume, to curl care. As sponsors of London Fashion Week we’re also uniquely placed to harness the incredible creativity from our innovative show looks and tailor trend-led looks to our clients using our incredible products.”


“Sustainability forms the backbone of the label.m professional haircare range and its development over the years has seen an incredible commitment to this goal.” says Paul Bulman, label.m Global General Manager. “We’ve achieved so much and we’re constantly evolving. I can proudly say that 86 percent of our product packaging is recyclable; 68 percent of our products are gluten free; 63 percent are vegan, 74 percent are sulphate free and 67 percent are paraben free.”


“Identifying the need for a new product is just the start of the journey,“ says Eamonn Boreham, label.m International Commercial Manager. “How can we utilise the best-quality, natural ingredients? How can our exclusive label.m technologies achieve this? And above all does it fulfil our clients’ needs and give a great result? Above all our product has to be effective. This process takes a minimum of 12 months and can take up to 18 months.”


“Our products are trialed to an exacting standard by our own team,” says Gary France, label.m International Educational Director. “We spend six months making sure each new formula works in markets globally. Our hairdressers work with the products to guarantee efficacy and suitability; they are instrumental to the process. Their insalon working knowledge is essential and they are constantly striving to ensure clients are able to create salon looks at home with the range. It’s a unique relationship, we’re very proud of that.”

  • Words: Marie-Louise Von Haselberg