Connected Reverie

Connected Reverie

Lose yourself in Toni&Guy’s breathtaking new shoot. Created by the International Artistic Team, it aims to both educate and inspire…

Self-care, creativity and connection was the mantra for Toni&Guy’s imagery this season. The result is Reverie, a new shoot created by the Toni&Guy International Artistic Team that lives at the intersection of two worlds – print and technology. “Through these images, we’ve brought our own highly distinctive global family together, via the lens of education, label.m and the salon brand itself,” explains Toni&Guy Global Creative Director Sacha Mascolo- Tarbuck, “In a world where perhaps we can’t always be together physically, we wanted to express the world of inspirational hair to everyone. Our aim is to open doors to a network of like-minded souls.” Reverie is crafted as an education tool purely.

Reverie is crafted as an education tool purely for hair professionals. It’s a whimsical, oneiric journey into the avant-garde and a true example of the brand’s creative expression. The inspirational images, directed by Toni&Guy Head of Education Cos Sakkas, are the focus of an online tutorial dedicated to the fantastical world of editorial and show hair.

Meticulous detailing of how to prep, colour and build a silhouette with a natural hair wig is expertly handled by Sakkas. The extra behind-the-scenes offering, celebrating the creative process that results in such a glorious moment of self-expression, is simply a dream.

We wanted to express the world of inspirational hair to everyone

Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck, Toni&Guy Global Creative Director Hair


  • Hair: Cos Sakkas

  • Photography: Jack Eames

  • Fashion: Veronika Greenhill