Meet the Elite

Meet the Elite

We caught up with the dynamic International Artistic Team to get the ultimate insider view into why it’s so great to work at Toni&Guy

Siobhan Golden

International Technical Artistic Director

“I’m actively encouraged to explore the art of hairdressing – a craft that will live forever.”

Cos Sakkas

Head of Education

“Coaching fresh talent, offering them opportunities and having new experiences give me a real buzz.”

Bill Watson

Educational Director for Japan and the Southern Hemisphere

“I’ve travelled the world doing what I love, where else would I want to work!”

Michela Bazzoli

Technical Educator

“I love being an educator and transmitting my passion for hair to the next generation of hairdressers.”

Alessandro Gennusa

Academy Educator

“I am able to teach, experiment and develop new silhouettes and ideas for my salon clientele.”

Efi Davies

International Artistic Director

“I grew up with this family. I work alongside amazing creatives that I am honoured to call my friends. It’s a dream job!”

Daniele De Angelis

International Artistic Director

“It’s the best hairdressing company in the world! There’s always something to learn and aspire to.”

Federico Patelli

Academy Educator and Co-Head of Vardering

“We have an amazing education programme and we continue to be leaders in the hair industry.”

Indira Schauwecker

International Artistic Director

“They’ve nurtured my creative streak, and allowed me to teach, work and develop my skills as a session stylist.”

Grace Inzalaco

Head of Beginners, London

“It’s a forward-thinking company that creates a passion to learn and pushes creative boundaries.”

Mohammad Samghabady

Artistic Director

“Toni&Guy fuses heritage, contemporary hairdressing, education, fashion and endless opportunities.”

Francesco Fontana

International Artistic Technical Director

“It’s a dynamic and progressive company run by an inspirational woman, Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck.”

Fotis Sfetas

Artistic Director

“I get a real buzz from seeing the change in my students’ eyes when they get it.”

Jo O’Neill

International Technical Education Director

“I love being surrounded by talented, creative people that come from all walks of life.”

Dexter Johnson

Artistic Director

“If you want to be the very best version of yourself, this is the place.”

Sanja Mandusic

Academy Educator and Co-Head of Beginners

“You never stop learning because Toni&Guy never stops teaching you.”

Silje Vincent

Artistic Director and Academy Educator

“Where else would you find great education, and a team that’s creative and supportive.”

Philipp Haug

International Artistic Director

“I work for the company because after all these years I still feel I can grow and progress.”

Stuart Matuska

Technical Artistic Director

“Toni&Guy gives the best hairdressing education in the world, with the opportunity to constantly improve and learn.”

Sophie Springett

International Artistic Director

“It’s the only brand that has the expertise to help you develop your editorial and session styling skills.”

Jon Wilsdon

International Artistic Director

“Being part of such a creative team is amazing. One of my passions is ensuring the standard of education in the North.”

Elle Page

Academy Educator and Co-Head of Beginners

“I started working for Toni&Guy at a young age, I can honestly say my colleagues have become family.”

Davide Cirillo

Technical Educator

“I enjoy nurturing new talent and finding new creative colour stories.”

Sam Elliot

Academy Educator

“The team pushes you to let your creative mind run wild and helps you bring your ideas to life.”

Eloise Nicola

Technical Educator

“I think the passion and commitment from the educators at the Academy is amazing!”

Charley Henery

Technical Artistic Director

“I can constantly develop both mine and my apprentices’ technical and colour skill set.”

Wayne McHugh

Artistic Director

“I love developing a client’s cut, when you get it right, you’ll keep a customer for life.”

  • Photography: Amie Caswell