Secrets to our success

Secrets to our success

Perseverance, inspiration and a growth mindset are just some of the qualities that drive our dedicated staff

Lee Gorton

Toni&Guy Franchise Partner, Cambridge

“Opening my salon is the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m proud of my team; the standards are high and the work that they produce is incredible.”

Hide Saiga

Toni&Guy Master Franchise Partner, Japan

“I’m always on the salon floor. When we have a nervous client and they’re already smiling after their consultation, I know they’re going to come back again.”

Sarah Keeley

Toni&Guy Franchise Partner, Solihull & Stratford-upon-Avon

“The company offers you a unique career path, it excels in both hair and business education. Toni&Guy opens up a world of opportunities.”

Sergio Carlucci

Toni&Guy Master Franchise Partner, Italy

“I’ve been with the company for over 28 years; we’re the only brand in Italy to truly showcase British style. I want to bring that vibe to all the major cities in the country.”

Bronwyn Illingworth

Toni&Guy Franchise Partner, New Zealand

“My goals moving forward are focused on mentoring my team. When they succeed, it makes me feel like I’m succeeding.”

Frankie Chan

Toni&Guy & essensuals Master Franchise Partner, China

“I started my career in London and then moved to Canada. Toni said, ‘Why don’t you set up in China?’ That’s how I ended up leading the operation here today.”

Cherry Reyes

Toni&Guy Master Franchise Partner, Philippines

“As a master franchisee, I want to expand the company’s presence in the Philippines. As a hairdresser I want to inspire my stylists, and the Philippine fashion industry.”

Karin Jones-Quartey

Toni&Guy General Manager, Sweden

“I remember that Toni and his Artistic Team brought a new kind of hairdressing to Sweden. His friendliness and attention to detail is a constant source of inspiration.”

Shammal Qureshi

Toni&Guy Education Director & Master Franchise Partner, North Pakistan

“I want to start an Academy scholarship programme to give more people an opportunity to learn and also raise the level of hairdressing in Pakistan.”

Dennis Langford

Toni&Guy Master Franchise Partner, Australia

“My job is to provide a platform for people to shine. What does that mean? I ensure our brand continuously excels by delivering the best service we can.”

Catherine Hodges

Toni&Guy Franchise Partner, Bath

“We’ve recently joined our essensuals and Toni&Guy Bath teams together, showcasing our collective excellence.”

Matt Mack

Toni&Guy Franchise Partner, Troika, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“I joined Toni&Guy in the 1990s; the hair being produced by the company was the most progressive I had ever seen.”

David Mercer

Toni&Guy Master Franchise Partner, Malaysia & essensuals Indonesia

“I’m proud to say I was part of helping Toni&Guy to achieve global recognition and surpass everyone else!”

Nasireen Chaudhary

Toni&Guy Franchise Partner, Westfield Stratford City & Blackheath, London

“I’ve opened two salons, completed my leadership diploma, participated in shows and won awards.”

Tony Hashani

Toni&Guy Franchise Partner, Chiswick, London

“If you want to be a boss, the company gives you the confidence and tools to run your own business.”

Charlotte Spearing

Toni&Guy Franchise Partner, Eastern Group, UK

“I chose to work at Toni&Guy because I saw an article in More! magazine where Sacha had won Newcomer of the Year at a young age – it really inspired me.”

Carl McCaffrey

Toni&Guy Franchise Partner, Canary Wharf, London

“What have I achieved? At 27 I opened a Toni&Guy franchise at Canary Wharf. I’ve also won numerous awards for myself and my team.”

James McDonnell & Kim Churchill

Toni&Guy Franchise Partners, Bristol

Kim: “I joined Toni&Guy in 1993 and at that time it was the only company that was clever with colour. They allowed me to push those boundaries even further.”

Jonathan & Leslie Turpin

Toni&Guy Franchise Partners, Farnham & Winchester

Leslie: “I’m proud to say we’ve made a difference by developing a strong team and being able to multitask in every area of the business.”

Alan Boyce

Toni&Guy Master Franchise Partner, Ireland

“I wanted to be part of one of the biggest hair companies in the world – if you can’t beat them, join them! I retrained with the brand and I’ve never looked back.”

Tori Markham

Toni&Guy Manager, Covent Garden, London

“I trained with the company because I wanted to be the best hairdresser. I loved working alongside Toni and the team. The Toni&Guy tribe is amazing!”

Stuart Marsh

Toni&Guy Manager, Shoreditch, London

“I’ve had the best time with this company. I have lived it, breathed it and enjoyed it so much. So thank you to the Toni&Guy family: it’s been my life.”

Claire & Nick Slorach

Toni&Guy Franchise Partners, North of England

Nick: “Our proudest moment was winning the UK Franchisee award in 2005. It gave us a pat on the back knowing we were doing things the right way.”

Sarah Hemphill

Toni&Guy Manager, Sloane Square and Gloucester Road, London

“My career highlights have got to include being awarded Salon Manager of the Year and creating superstars within my team.”

Katrina O’Shaughnessy

Toni&Guy Manager, Wimbledon, London

“The company is very supportive of my Macmillan cancer care work. It’s rewarding to give comfort in a great haircut when they’re on a tough journey.”

Trevor Sharpe

Toni&Guy Franchise Partner, Manchester Deansgate

“Back in 1987 there were two choices for me, either Vidal Sassoon or Toni&Guy. It was a young, raw, exciting company. I definitely made the best choice.”

Joanne & James Leigh

Toni&Guy Franchise Partners, Preston

James: “Our goal? Happy Clients! Our salon environment is vibrant, clean and chic. Our team meets the impeccable Toni&Guy standards built over decades.”