Slippery when wet

Slippery when wet

How to master the iconic slicked-back look in four simple steps


Properly prepare your hair before you start. You should ideally wash and condition to create a smooth base – we used label.m Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner. No time to treat your tresses? Evenly spritz your hair with water, so it’s wet from the roots to the tips.


The key to creating a successful wet look is to choose a styling gel with strong hold, such as label.m Gel. Spread it through your hair from the roots to your ears. Adjust the amount of product you need: short hair will need much less than longer styles.


Comb back your hair without a parting using the label.m Jumbo Comb. For a more structured, sleek look, slick back the hair by following the direction of your natural parting. Then use the comb’s teeth to sculpt bold, graphic ridges (think cornrows, only softer).


Now you need to hold your sleek, shiny look in place. To enhance this hairstyle and ensure it stays in place, set the hair from roots to the nape of your neck with heat from a diffuser – we used label.m Magic Diffuser. Leave the rest of the hair to dry naturally, as this will add extra texture.


label.m Tourmaline Dryer Black £67.95, label.m Gel £12.50, label.m Jumbo Comb: Anti Static £6.50, label.m Magic Diffuser £10.50

  • Hair: Daniele De Angelis

  • Photography: Scott Archibald