Forever Young

Forever Young

Fashionable but not fashion victim
is the message for millennials and Gen Zs

As another year passes, another strikingly fresh series of images emerges from essensuals, Toni&Guy’s sister label.

Drawing inspiration from the brand’s millennial and Gen Z clients, International Technical Director Francesco Fontana was moved to create glistening natural shades, which represent a more modern and muted approach to colour. Meanwhile, International Artistic Directors Jon Wilsdon and Indira Schauwecker were joined by Head of Education Cos Sakkas, and charged with coming up with effortlessly cool cuts.

The result? A quartet of styles that’s as fashion-forward and aspirational as they are playful and achievable. Ideal for an audience that, although fashion-conscious, isn’t a slave to the latest trends. “With its young and fresh feel, essensuals has always played a major part in drawing the next generation into the Toni&Guy family, and we think that this fantastic collection will continue to do so,” says Sacha.

  • Hair: Jon Wilsdon

  • Hair: Cos Sakkas

  • Hair: Indira Schauwecker

  • Colour: Francesco Fontana

  • Photography: Jack Eames

  • Styling: Veronika Greenhill