Toni&Guy x Wella

Toni&Guy x Wella

We went behind the scenes on our womenswear shoot to find out how even commitment-phobes can get a colour refresh, just in time for party season

There are many things to fear when it comes to the festive season: out-of-tune carol singers, the potential for drinking too many eggnogs and making a pass at your boss, and, of course, the taste of Christmas pudding (yuk). But colouring your hair shouldn’t be one of them. Especially now that Wella has developed a hair colouring technique with no strings attached.

Nobody wants to spend a whole day in the salon chair, so Wella has pioneered a range of products that deliver beautiful, even colour in far less time and will improve your hair’s condition. For our womenswear shoot, Head of Technical Education Jo O’Neill and Technical Educator Davide Cirillo crafted the beautiful, low-maintenance colours seen in the previous pages

Achieved in only 10 minutes, this low commitment service can transform your hair colour in three simple steps using our innovative Koleston Perfect ME+. Leaving your hair conditioned with maximum shine.

Selecting shades from Toni&Guy’s comprehensive Colour Menu, Alma (pictured above, right) was given an ashy-toned balayage, with the cooler tones taking away any hint of brassiness, while contrasting with her warm skin. Tamina (pictured above, left) plumped for a portrait colour with vanilla blonde tones framing her face for a party-ready, delicate pop of colour.

So if you fancy a festive hair refresh with beautiful no-strings-attached colour, simply ask your Toni&Guy technician about Wella.

  • Words: Miriam Bouteba

  • Photography: Chazz Adnitt