Back to Nature

Back to Nature

Embrace your natural texture this season
to reap the style rewards

Minimum effort, maximum impact – it’s a haircare formula that sounds almost too good to be true, but it’s a simple matter of embracing your natural texture. A cut that works with your hair type, not against it, will keep your grooming routine streamlined (less product, less heat styling, less fuss) and feels modern, too. Think of it as playing to your strengths, follically speaking. We caught up with Luke Harris and Dexter Johnson, International Artistic Directors and Heads of Men’s Education for Toni&Guy, to learn more.

Fine hair

Keep things classic and look to Hollywood’s favourite Ryans – Gosling and Reynolds – for inspiration. Subtle graduation at the sides will build up weight, making the top seem fuller and longer. This will need regular shape-ups – a visit to your stylist every one to four weeks – to stay sharp. You can ask them to introduce extra texture with a point cut, but don’t get too scissor-happy. “Refrain from over-layering,” Johnson advises. “A common misconception is that this will create volume; in reality, it will do the opposite.” Instead, use label.m’s Fashion Edition Dry Volumising Paste (£15.25) to up the ante.


Wavy to curly hair

Thanks to Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet, a 70s-esque mid-length ’do has never been more appealing. Both embrace their natural waves with choppy, shoulder-skimming cuts that embody ‘woke up like this’ cool. But much like their penchant for bold, floral suits, there’s a secret to keeping things looking more rock star and less Changing Rooms presenter. “I recommend softer, longer layers for that undone look,” Johnson says. “Try not to cut the layers too short – this will create irregular steps and a lack of consistency.” A spritz of label.m Sea Salt Spray (£16.50) adds definition, while Therapy Rejuvenating Mist (£28.50) will keep ends healthy between trims.

Thick, coarse hair

Taming thick hair needn’t be a battle. “You want to be careful your hair doesn’t grow out too wide or heavy,” Harris recommends. “If it’s a shorter style you’re after, keep everything high and tight to narrow the shape. If you’re going longer, make sure plenty of weight is removed.” Want to try an undercut or crisp fade? You’ll need to make a regular date with your stylist – Harris advises you return to the salon every four to six weeks. Take the guesswork out of styling unruly manes by prepping with label.m’s Anti Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner (£15.75; £18.25).

Afro hair

“You definitely want to keep an element of natural texture,” Harris advises. “Sure, if you fancy a clean shape-up go for it, but keep plenty of movement.” With a chameleonic approach to hair, Star Wars’ John Boyega is a one-man source of styling inspiration: he’s sported everything from a classic crew cut to a textured fade and crisp edges to his current mid-length locks and short sides.

“If you’re looking to keep the shape fresh, you’ll need a trim every couple of weeks. If you have a more natural look, this can be pushed out to six weeks,” Harris adds. In between salon trips, it’s all about moisturising products – make sulphate-free your mantra, as these chemicals can prove ultra-drying. Go Farmer’s Market fresh and keep hair hydrated with label.m Organic Moisturising Lemongrass Shampoo and Conditioner (£16.50; £19.50).


  • Words: Katie Rosseinsky

  • Photography: Alessandro Gennusa & Davide Cirillo

  • Hair: Sara Cester

  • Make-up: Victoria Winfield