All Eyes On Joaquin

All Eyes On Joaquin

With the release of his highly anticipated new film, Her, just around the corner we thought we’d take a moment to remind ourselves of Joaquin Phoenix’s finest moments. Let’s take it from the top.

1. Parenthood Following the cue of his older brother River, Joaquin kicked off his film career as a brooding teen in Parenthood alongside Steve Martin, Keanu Reeves and Dianne Wiest. Even at the tender age of 15 he demonstrates his now famous scene stealing quality.

2. Gladiator Chilling to the core, is there anyone out there who could have played the twisted Roman Emperor Commodus opposite the sweet blue-eyed Russell Crowe better? The industry certainly stood up and paid attention and the award nominations flooded in.

3. Walk the Line We already knew that he could do troubled and brooding standing on his head, but my oh my the man can sing.

4. I’m Still Here This shout out is far less about the film and more about the all-encompassing transformation Joaquin undertook for this role/farce. Announcing his departure from the film industry for the world of rap, this is Joaquin at his off-beat, fuzziest best and as confused as we were at the time, we love him for it.

5. The Master
Back on form and teaming up with the unfathomably good Philip Seymour Hoffman, this film had no choice but to be a glorious and thought-provoking triumph.

PS. Lest we forget
Liv and Joaquin forever.

Her is in cinemas on 14th February.