The Lowdown on Lena Dunham

The Lowdown on Lena Dunham

Everything you need to know about the girl behind Girls

1. She writes, produces, directs and stars in Girls. You can’t argue with two golden globes and a BAFTA. Oh, and did we mention she’s only 27?

2. Her characters have women rejoicing across the globe because, unlike Carrie et al, they’re a little bit like us. They can’t afford walk-in-wardrobes stocked with Manalos but do have toe-curling relationship/work/fashion stories in abundance. It’s a relief to know we’re not alone.

3. Annie Leibovitz photographed her for this month’s American Vogue, for which she has graceful batted off photoshop controversy and relentless body image questions. We’re exhausted for you, Lena.

4. She has an impressive mentor and producer in Judd Apatow – whose era-defining work includes Freaks and Geeks, Bridesmaids and Anchorman.

5. Her on-screen best mate is her real life best mate – London-born Jemima Kirke plays Jessa and is our hair icon du jour.

6. The two men in Lena’s life are Jack Antonoff, lead guitarist of Fun, and Lamby, a fluffy white rescue dog.

7. She bought the gorgeous Adam Driver into our lives, who you can currently catch in the Coen brother’s latest film, Inside Llewyn Davis.

8. She has a number of unmissable tattoos, including one inspired by the children’s storybook Eloise and a Yorkshire terrier on her ribcage inked by Jemima.

9. Although her character, Hannah Horvath, is known of being naked a lot of the time (lest we forget that yellow string vest), we love Lena for her bright and youthful red carpet looks. This Wes Gordon dress and pink heels was a real triumph.

10. And finally, in what is possibly her biggest feat of all – she inspired stuffy Vogue towers to let her be herself. Just check out this frivolously fun short.

Girls Season 3 is on Sky Atlantic, Mondays at 10pm

  • Words: Georgina Bacchus