New Toni&Guy technicians

New Toni&Guy technicians

We went for a snoop around Toni&Guy’s flagship London Academy to meet the hairdressing stars of tomorrow

Early in the development of his superbrand, Toni Mascolo OBE recognised the importance of education. Making it a cornerstone of the business, he built the Toni&Guy Academy more than 50 years ago. Annually, it sees over 5,000 hairdressers pass through its doors, from apprentices at the very beginning of their careers, right the way through to qualified hairdressers looking to learn some of the new techniques developed by the Toni&Guy Artistic Team. And nowhere sees more change than the world of colouring. To get an insight into technical education, we chatted to students currently vardering, as they make the transition from apprentices to fully-fledged hairdressers.

Brooklyn – Salon: Southampton

“Toni&Guy is such a well-known company and its history inspires me. The training is really exceptional and the company itself is a part of fashion – they are up to date with every new thing, from cutting and colouring to the products they produce.”

Salomé – Salon: Paris

“Toni&Guy is always the first to create trends and movements, and it has always been my dream to work for them. Everyone in France knows the brand and wants to come to the London Academy to learn, so this is a huge opportunity for me.”

Louise – Salon: Richmond

“I used to get my hair cut at the salon I now work for. I applied for a Saturday job there when I was 16 and later started a full-time apprenticeship. Toni&Guy has developed new ways of creating balyage and that’s been really interesting to learn.”

Chloe – Salon: Wimbledon

“When I finish training, my end goal is to work for the Toni&Guy Academy teaching the technical side of things. Everyday is different here and I love learning the science of colouring.”

Ella – Salon: Westfield, White City

“Toni&Guy is the hairdressing world’s leading brand and the education programme is amazing. I’ve learnt so many techniques here, including a few creative looks from the new Futurewise collection, which I hope to use in the salon soon.”

Ismael – Salon: South Kensington

“I wanted to train with Toni&Guy because they have such high standards. They’re very strict and I came from Spain to study here for that reason – they are great teachers but you’ll only pass the training programme if you’re absolutely perfect.”

  • Photography: Frankie Leong