Summer Skincare

Summer Skincare

Leading Australian medical TV personality – and newly appointed Medical Director for Toni&Guy Cosmetics – Dr Zac gives us his top tips for keeping skin looking super healthy and gorgeously glowing this summer

Go for a swim

Saltwater has been known to ease many ailments and can help to treat acne. It hydrates your skin and can reduce irritation by killing bacteria and soothing dry patches. The salt can also help prevent excessive oil production.

Protect your skin

It is immensely important to remember to apply sunscreen regularly, even on cloudy days, as the rays will still penetrate your skin. Also remember to protect the parts that you sometimes miss, like your lips and scalp.

Keep hydrated

It’s so easy to not drink enough water in the summer as we’re usually more active and spend a lot more time in the sun. Adequate water consumption will benefit your bodily functions and improve how your skin looks and feels.

Summer food

The monounsaturated fats and vitamin E in avocados promote healthy skin, so they are a real must-have. A lot of seasonal fruit and vegetables contain healthy skin-promoting properties too, so eat them while they’re fresh.

Remember to pamper

In the summer months, your skin will be crying out for some help. Toni&Guy Cosmetics has a range of treatments to keep your skin hydrated, glowing and looking its best, plus tailor-made tips to keep it protected and well-maintained.