A Land Down Under

A Land Down Under

From partnering with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia to the launch of the groundbreaking Toni&Guy Cosmetics, it’s all happening Down Under. We caught up with Managing Director for Toni&Guy Australia, Dennis Langford, to find out more

With more than 30 salons in Australia, what is it about the Toni&Guy brand that resonates so well?

Toni&Guy is a household name globally but what has allowed it to grow so much in Australia is our ability to make it relevant to the local market. Being part of the Australian Racing, connecting with local influencers and bloggers, and nurturing hairdressing talent have all helped.

What’s the most exciting Toni&Guy project that you’ve worked on?

There are so many highlights within my 23-year tenure, from opening new salons to nurturing award-winning staff and seeing the next generation grow. But this year’s highlight would have to be Toni&Guy becoming the official hair partner for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. This was an important move as it aligns us with one of the core pillars of the Toni&Guy brand – being fashion-led from the catwalk to client.

How did the first season go?

It was a massive undertaking for the entire team, from marketing all the way to our National salon networks. We worked on 14 shows backstage, had a dry styling pop-up salon in the heart of the city, created a Toni&Guy Style Studio where trade, media and VIPs were able to have their hair done prior to shows and we put on master classes for consumers.

Tell us about the launch of Toni&Guy Cosmetics.

Toni&Guy products and electrical tools have been very successful so the idea was born to go into beauty care via in-salon cosmetic rooms. We have three in Sydney and Queensland offering laser treatments, injectables, skincare, make-up and hair treatments, including regeneration and replacement. We’ve teamed up with Dr Zac (see interview, right) for this new venture, which we’re really excited about as he has so much credibility and experience in this field.

What are the biggest differences between the UK and Australia in terms of hair?

Australians are not so reticent to change. When we suggest something new or different to a client, they are very open to it. People here are also used to using a lot of good quality products on their hair to counteract the hot weather and beach lifestyle.

What’s the one Australian thing we need in the UK?

Optimistic hairdressers that come to the big smoke with their eyes wide open. They work hard and know how to be happy in the service of others.

As the Offical Hair Sponsor for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2018, Toni&Guys's talented - and enthusiastic - Session team worked on a total of 14 shows.

If we were to come to Sydney, which five places would you take us to and why?

1. Hugos on Manly Wharf. A wicked Italian restaurant right on the harbour. Just perfect.

2. Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. This scenic town is where you’ll find the 19th century Carrington Hotel, which is also where I proposed to my beautiful – now – wife.

3. The North Head Quarantine Station in Manly. It’s an old station where migrants were brought and kept in quarantine before they could land in Sydney. They now host sleepovers there and do a ghost tour that scares the heebie jeebies out of you. It’s incredibly spooky!

4. Sydney Harbour bridge climb. You go up and over the top while the guides tell you how the bridge was originally made.

5. Camping by the Wollondilly River. It’s Bush camping at its best. You have to pack everything so you are completely self-sufficient. I like to light a big fire and drink fireball whiskey. Then in the morning when you open the zipper on your tent, right there in front of you are kangaroos feeding on the fresh grass.