Return of the 'Tash

Return of the 'Tash

Right now the moustache is making its return to the world of fashion, so we find out how to furnish your face with one

It’s finally happened. Moustaches are officially a ‘thing’. That’s right, in 2018 a Tom Selleck-inspired snout tickler, a Freddie Mercury-esque mouthpiece, heck, even a Poirot-style lip appendage, is considered a pro-level grooming move. Has the world gone mad? Maybe, but allow us to explain.

While top lip topiary may be more readily associated with Ron Burgundy of Anchorman fame, it’s currently having a moment and in a not-entirely-ironic way.

“Historically, the moustache has been a symbol of masculinity,” says Lee Kynaston, grooming editor of “Today though, with beards being ubiquitous and stubble often too subtle to make a genuine impact, growing one is the perfect way to stand out.”
From left: Salvador Dali, Amine Bendriouich

Of course, this isn’t entirely new. Men have always groomed their facial hair. It was King Charles I who first established the handlebar moustache as a bona fide trend in the early 1600s and over a century later, Lord Byron made a thin, curled moustache a sign of sex appeal. Despite occasionally waning in popularity – particularly during WWI when Sir Nevil Macready repealed an order requiring British soldiers to sport one – they remained a fairly regular fixture on faces until the 1980s. 



Hijacked by the adult film industry and exiled from the upper lips of regular men, moustaches were doomed to spend the next few decades as little more than a comedic hedge on characters like Borat or as part of the annual Movember charity challenge. But fashion loves a controversial revival – see designer Amine Bendriouich’s fine face furniture and the models who walked for DAKS SS18. And cue the likes of Pedro Pascal, James Franco and Michael Shannon giving the ‘tache another shot, causing men everywhere to follow suit.

How though, do you go about acquiring a grass grin? The key is time.

“You need to have a lot of patience,” explains Stuart Marsh, Manager of Toni&Guy in Shoreditch, London. “Facial hair grows at a rate of about 0.4mm a day, so it can take several weeks or more to get the desired look.”
From left: Michael B.Jordan, Pedro Pascal

The easiest way to survive the awkward phase of growing a moustache is to first grow a beard. From there you can whip your whiskers into a style that goes with your look and, crucially, your face shape. “This is important because you want to add balance to your face – highlighting the good bits and breaking up less flattering areas,” says Marsh. As a general rule, a full moustache with no beard only works if you have a chiseled superhero chin to back it up (Superman’s Henry Cavill is a prime example), but it can do wonders for softening an overly dominant jawline.


A moustache with stubble is a modern-yet-rugged look that works well on guys with square and oval-shaped faces. Or take your nose-curtain nod from Michael B. Jordan and opt for a barely there pencil ‘tache – a debonair style that requires little more than some detail trimmers and a devil-may-care attitude. Once you’ve joined the ranks of moustachioed men, you’ll want to ensure that yours always looks its best.

“A good cut makes all the difference as your ‘tache can get wild and grow in every direction, so a trim is a must, even when you’re growing it,” says Marsh.

Arm yourself with a small comb, and apply Toni&Guy Styling Moustache Wax to give it definition, also use a quality moisturiser to keep the skin underneath nourished and toned. Book into your local Toni&Guy salon for the ‘Under Construction’ treatment, and, in the words of Borat, you’ll have much success.

  • Words: Luke Todd