M.A.C x Nicopanda

M.A.C x Nicopanda

Face stickers, seafoam green lipstick and panda-shaped packaging – MAC’s latest collaboration with streetwear brand Nicopanda is kawaii-cute to the core

A disclaimer, M.A.C’s newest collab does not come with a risk of panda eyes. Instead, expect dreamy pastels, neon brights and bags of glitter from this ultra-cute collection from New York-based streetwear brand Nicopanda, headed by designer Nicola Formichetti. Everything, of course, is panda shaped – including the lipstick cases, palettes and blush, which boast vibrant shades like ‘Kawaii Party’ – a muted pink, and ‘Nico Kiss’ – a deep night blue. If your feeling especially experimental, try adding the exclusive glittering face stickers to your look – a first for M.A.C  – featuring flowers, bows, hearts and the trademark Nicopanda bear head.

“For me, beauty is about creativity, freedom, and fun. Beauty can be the most simple and natural look or something totally over-the-top and crazy because it’s an opportunity to both empower and express,” says Nicola Formichetti, in conversation with Teen Vogue.

M.A.C x Nicopanda is out in stores and online from April 5

  • Words: Monique Todd

  • Photography: MAC x Nicopanda