Daphne hits the cinemas

Daphne hits the cinemas

Emily Beecham stars in a new highly-acclaimed comedy drama

In this new British drama we meet Daphne, a 30-something Londoner teetering through life on the back of a dead end restaurant job and a string of one-night stands. Sexually liberated, independent and yet severely underwhelmed by her day-to-day, Daphne suddenly witnesses a stabbing in her local newsagents – an event that finally jolts her out of an existence lived on autopilot. What follows is a tangled spiral of anxiety, revelation and love.

Played by mancunian Emily Beecham (Into the Badlands/Hail, Caesar!) and directed by Peter Mackie Burns, Daphne splices comedy, drama and romance, detailing a raw account of city life fractured by isolation, forgotten dreams and overwhelming possibility. Expect an authentic and relatable performance by Beecham in this much-talked about feature, which already boasts rave reviews from this years Edinburgh International Film festival.

“The film strives to capture contemporary life in the capital for many people who may have experienced the wry and familiar vagaries of living, if not exactly on the edge, then pretty near it, and who prefer living to merely existing.” Peter Mackie Burns via Film London

Daphne is in cinemas nationwide now

  • Words: Monique Todd