Burberry’s Beauty Box, now open

Burberry’s Beauty Box, now open

British Glamour lands in Covent Garden with Burberry's sci-fi beauty box store

 Brit heritage brand Burberry today unveiled its first ever beauty store in the heart of London’s Covent Garden. The Burberry Beauty Box follows hot on the heels of the label’s beauty line launch in April earlier this year. Housing makeup, fragrance, accessories and a carefully curated selection of the fashion house’s handbags, the store is designed to merge the physical and the digital with a space every bit as luxurious as its label. One-to-one beauty consultations with fragrance and beauty experts, a 16ft multi-screen digi chandelier, gorgeous gift-wrap as standard and an effortless till-free purchase using iPads and iPhones - all sure-fire ways to make window shopping a thing of the past.

Burberry launched their beauty line last April — here are our favourite biys of the season:


Sheer Eye Shadow - Trench No. 02 £22.50
Beauty Sheer Concealer - Light Beige No. 01 £26
Effortless Kohl - Stone No. 03£18
Burberry Body Tender Eau De Toilette£39
Effortless Mascara - Midnight Black No. 01£21.50
Lipmist - Rosewood No.215 £22.50
Sheer Foundation - Trench 05£35
Beauty Eye Definer - Midnight Black No.01 £15.50

  • Image: Jason Lloyd Evans