Metallic Highlights

Metallic Highlights

We explore the flattering new colour trend that’s inspired our hair and beauty shoot this issue

Cosmetic strobing – the technique of shading and highlighting to enhance particular facial features – is now being applied to hair to achieve a similar effect. As with make-up, this customised colour placement approach allows you to use light and shade to your advantage to contour the face or give the illusion of a voluminous mane.

‘We’ve extended the approach of contouring to hair to completely transform someone’s look’ Global Creative Director Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck

For spring, this technique is combined with the high-shine metallic trend, so hair is dressed, sculpted and shaped with molten accents to make focal points of certain areas. It has its roots in the 1990s – a decade in which hair highlights went mainstream thanks to poster girls such as Alicia Silverstone and Jennifer Aniston, and high-shine metallics were de-rigueur – as seen in Richard Avedon’s iconic Versace campaign (pictured top left). Except today’s incarnation is less uniform, with highlights painted freehand in key areas rather than from root to tip.

The new Highlighting Toners from label.m can be layered for a gradual illuminating glow. ‘We’ve extended the approach of contouring to hair to completely transform someone’s look,’ explains Global Creative Director Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck. ‘It’s a contemporary way to be part of the ongoing trend for high-shine metallics’. Touch up roots, create an instant ombré effect, or apply colour to highlight intricate braiding.

  • Words: Catriona Day

  • Photography: Alamy, Karina Twiss, Rex Features, Richard Avedon