Day & Night

Day & Night

What if you could relax in the knowledge that your hair was being cared for and protected 24 hours a day? Nioxin’s revolutionary approach does just that

Our hair puts up with a lot. It’s exposed to environmental pollution, harmful UV rays and stress during the day, all of which can have a damaging effect on density, causing breakage and thinning.

It’s not until nighttime, during sleep, that hair gets a chance to mend itself. The Nioxin approach offers 24-hour care for hair – protecting it during the day and repairing it at night with the help of a revolutionary two-fold approach. For day, the tailored 3-step Nioxin System Kits create an optimum environment for thicker, fuller-looking hair, with six kits in total to choose from according to your personal hair type.

The first step – the Nioxin Cleanser – purifies by sloughing away sebum and environmental residue from the scalp; the Scalp Revitalizer then works to balance moisture and help to reduce hair loss and breakage before the third and final step – the botanical infused Scalp Treatment – optimises the scalp environment and increases the diameter of each hair strand.

For night, Nioxin’s Night Density Rescue is a leave-in treatment that works by neutralising oxidative damage at the scalp’s surface, increasing hair density in just three months*. It’s formulated with breakthrough NIOXYDINE24 technology, made up of powerful antioxidants including Vitamin E Acetate, Ginger Root Extract, Caffeine and Biotin. This unique pre-bedtime treatment is suitable for both wet and dry hair and won’t leave any residue behind. Apply directly to the scalp before sleep when the body’s cell regeneration is at its optimum. Start your journey to thicker, fuller-looking hair with round-the-clock

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*Based on survey among 112 US panellists concerned with thinning hair conducted by StrataMark Dynamics Solution in 2015