Hair Crush

Hair Crush

The 90s poster boy makes a return as unlikely hair inspiration for Autumn/Winter

Brit Pop

Nothing could compete with the swagger of the Gallaghers and their contemporaries, riding high on the wave of Cool Britannia. Cue a slew of shaggy, layered cuts inspired by the Mods of the 60s. Now the length is still present, but it’s about introducing a wet-look element. Style your own with a spritz of label.m Sea Salt Spray, £14.95.

nouveau Quiff

Johnny Depp broke hearts with his rockabilly quiff circa Cry-Baby in 1990, while River Phoenix let his fall nonchalantly sideways. Embrace a cleaner version, with extreme fades at the side and choppy length on top. Keep your quiff in check with Sculpting Pomade, £11.75.

Sculpted Curls

Nineties curls relaxed a little from the 80s perms that went before them, though styles sported by pop gods like Timberlake were tight enough to still create plenty of shape. This season it’s all about achieving volume on the top of the crown and an ultra-natural loose curl. Tease out texture with Grooming Cream, £10.95.

Long and Loose

Rockers have always favoured longer locks but as 90s grunge took hold, long hair became the ultimate pledge of allegience to Kurt Cobain and co. Even Brad Pitt eventually shed his clean-cut image for an unkempt shoulder-length mane post Interview With A Vampire. To maximise growth, massage the scalp with Scalp Tonic, £11.25 and allow the hair to find its natural parting.

graphic Bowl Cut

A hero style of the 90s was the blunt cut bowl cut, favoured by the likes of Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter, who would part his to wear as curtains. Today’s style is much more graphic, with angled sideburns and longer lengths that taper towards the neck. Apply plenty of label.m Pliable Definer, £13.25 to tame an unruly fringe and add texture to the crown.

Short Back and Sides

The classic short-back-and-sides of yesteryear came in many different guises: perfectly coiffed, moulded into almost flat top proportions (Jason Priestley); or haphazardly styled in long and loose layers (Leo DiCaprio). Its modern day incarnation is somewhere in between the two: neat, tidy sides combined with a sweep of hair barely held in place. Apply Deconstructor, £12.95 for flexible hold and lift at the roots.

  • Words: Catriona Day

  • Photography: Rex Features, Jack Eames, Kevin Luchmun, Pedro Antunes, Cover Junkie, Miramax