Beg borrow steal

Beg borrow steal

Don’t be fooled by the feminine packaging and flowery scents. These cult beauty products should be in any discerning gentleman’s grooming kit


the miracle moisturiser

Bursting with multi-nutrients, the Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream miracle broth is infused with sea kelp and lime tea, which are both potent in anti-ageing and blemish clearing properties. Its rich lotion-like consistency evens out fine lines and wrinkles as well as hydrating and soothing for even the flakiest of skin. 

the eye bag banisher

Puffy eyes. The ultimate hangover giveaway. Ensure you remain wide-eyed (but not bushy tailed) with Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream. Its cooling formula instantly refreshes and has been Ophthalmologist tested. It also comes with a unique ball applicator that assures skin isn’t tugged or irritated. Dab on and rub in light circular motions until absorbed.


the wonder oil

Ever marvelled at how your girlfriend keeps her skin blemish free? Enter Sunday Riley Ultra Clarifying Face Oil. This medicated blemish and blackhead clearing treatment has gained cult status in the beauty world due to its concoction of acne-busting ingredients. Salicylic acid reduces inflammation while a mix of milk thistle, cucumber seed oil and chamomile lotion calm and even complexion. Bye bye stress spots.


the super soak

The ultimate do-gooder, Escentric Molecules escentric 03 body wash is free from irritating sulphate and harmful parabens. Its active ingredient Energen includes cleansing tree-based derivatives that work to energise and awaken the skin as well as add moisture. And with a scent that combines grapefruit, ginger, green peppercorn, sandalwood and musk, you’ll be sure to smell super fresh.

the hair saviour

There’s no shame in secretly being jealous of your other half’s bouncy locks. Rival your girlfriend’s impressive mane with label.m Dry Shampoo. This nifty time-saving spray leaves hair feeling suitably refreshed and voluminous in no time. It also adds a subtle matte texture and leaves hair feeling soft. Simply spritz, ruffle and go.

the understated fragrance

A heady blend of forest fruits and woody incense make up Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Parfum. Top notes of blackcurrant and mandarin are interspersed with a suitably spicy heart. Base notes of sandalwood and amber complete the intoxicating potion. Bottled in fluted black glass it’s too good not to steal.

  • Words: Rebecca Parker