Girl Meets Boy

Girl Meets Boy

Blogger Disneyrollergirl explores the style of the ‘garconnes’ and their influence on fashion 

Slack-devotee Katharine Hepburn and the eternally cool model Stella Tennant are just two of the independent and fashion-forward thinking women to be featured in the new coffee table book, The New Garconne: How to be a Modern Gentlewoman, £16.95. Published by Laurence King, the new book explores the history of gentlewoman style and celebrates modern women who have effortlessly mastered masculine/feminine dressing.

Blogger Navaz Batiwalla, aka Disneyrollergirl, has curated an in-depth chronology of the style from its inception in the 1920's through to the current day.

Being a ‘new garconne’ is about a way of living, being independent-minded, creative and risk-taking - Navaz Batiwalla

She has also interviewed 14 key advocates of gentlewoman style, including London-based fashion designer Bella Freud, perfumer Lyn Harris, and Tank Group CEO Caroline Issa. Each interviewee shares insightful knowledge into the origins and culture of garconne style as well as how it is interpreted in contemporary society by creative, entrepreneurial innovators.

  • Words: Rebecca Parker