Behind the screens

Behind the screens

See your favourite film posters redesigned by some of London’s best artists at Somerset House

Somerset House has invited artists and illustrators to create alternative posters for films shown at its Film4 Summer Screen season. Drawing inspiration from character quotes and memorable scenes, each artist has reimagined a poster for one of the films, producing bespoke limited edition pieces being displayed at Somerset House before going on sale at Print Club London.

Print Club London’s gallery curators have chosen 16 emerging artists and paired their personal styles with each film. Joe Cruz’s low-tech approach adds neon touches to Funny Face, the 1950s rom-com starring Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire. Cassandra Yap uses her signature dark and moody digitalised prints to summon up Bram Stoker’s Dracula while Peter Strain has taken the original poster for Danny Boyle’s dark comedy Trainspotting and applied hand-rendered collage and typography.

“Trainspotting is one of those rare films that captures a particular moment in time – the visual style, brand of humour and the soundtrack are everything that we now associate with the mid 1990s,” Peter says. “It has such a strong visual identity that it was a real pleasure to reinterpret it.”

Alongside the posters, visitors will be able to view a rolling series of short interviews and behind the scenes footage explaining each artists’ creative process. Oh, and you can watch the films outdoors in their grand courtyard each evening too, of course.

The Summer Screen Prints exhibition opens on 28 July and will run until 17 August.

  • Words: Rebecca Parker