Face to Face

Face to Face

Father and daughter Toni Mascolo and Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck reflect on Toni&Guy's 50 years at the forefront of hairdressing and what the future might hold

Sacha & Toni on the past...

T: 'At first it was really education, communication and motivation —these were the three magic words. We were a family, we worked with each other, we shared whatever we made and we wanted to better  ourselves all the time.’

S: ‘We always pave the way: we were the first to offer education, we were the first to offer franchising but when you are the first to do something, others always follow.’


Sacha & Toni on the present…

T: ‘I still cut hair today because it is a hobby for me and because I like making people happy. When I go into a salon I become a different person. I have clients who have been coming to me since 1963 — I love them all and enjoy the relationship we have.’

S: ‘Everything I do, I do for the brand. It’s about what’s going to make Toni&Guy better because that helps the franchisees – without the franchisees, we’re not the company that we are.’

Sacha & Toni on the future…

T: ‘Obviously the world is very different now to 1963, this is a changing world — you need to change today and whatever doesn't change will collapse.’

S: ‘I think the next 50 years are going to be really exciting in terms of new salon designs and always making what we have just that bit better. I'm going to be working on our new Classic Collection, with a DVD and a book, it's really taking our education further — something we do every five years.’

Sacha and Toni on each other….

T: ‘Sacha is an amazing young lady — she's very determined, very precise and a perfectionist in every way. That is the way she was brought up, the way she is in business. I think she makes a tremendous leader for the company.’

S: ‘At the festival, when we walked on stage and my Dad got a massive applause, that was all I really wanted; 4,000 people there cheering Toni, it's a massive sense of achievement for him but it's great that I was there to help pull that off.'