Bang Tidy

Bang Tidy

Blunt, choppy, side-swept - fringes come in many guises. Keep them in tip top condition with our five top tips

A fringe is the ultimate accessory for hairstyle chameleons who want to change up their look without sacrificing length or opting for a drastic colour change. But bangs are not always on their best behaviour. Follow these five steps to keep them on course...


Everyone knows that a fringe’s mortal enemy is grease. While the rest of your hair may not need washing every day it’s a good idea to get into a routine of washing your fringe daily to get rid of any excess grease caused by sebum from your forehead. Apply a small amount of label.m Gentle Cleansing Shampoo, £11.25 to your fringe to rebalance moisture and add subtle shine without unnecessary product buildup.


Heat styling opens up the hair shaft which can leave strands susceptible to thermal damage. After washing, spritz damp bangs with label.m Heat Protection Spray, £12.50 which will act as a defensive barrier. Heat protectants also help to reduce the hairs reaction to humidity, safeguarding from sunshine and showers. 


It’s a cardinal sin to leave bangs to dry naturally. It means you have little control over what shape they fall into, with the possibility of stringy, gappy, flicky bangs. Get your hair to cooperate with the label.m Tourmaline Dryer, £46.95. Hold the dryer over your head and brush your fringe from side to side to get rid of any cowlicks and to ensure your fringe dries straight. Finish by rolling the ends up with the label.m Small Hot Brush, £9.50 for a bouncy Bardot vibe.


Once you’ve finished blow-drying, spray label.m Dry Shampoo, £12.50 underneath your bangs to stop hair soaking up sweat from your forehead and to add extra volume. Pop it in your bag and use it to pep up limp tendrils throughout the day. To make sure that unruly hairs stay flat apply a 5p size amount of label.m Mesh Styling, £10.50  for flexible hold that won't weigh hair down.


If you’ve ever attempted cutting your own fringe, chances are it didn't end well. Bangs are best left to the professionals so keep fringe trims regular. Find your nearest salon at

She Bangs

Fame worthy fringes


Possibly the only girl that can make curtains look cool, Alexa's low-key parted fringe is the ultimate in off-duty style.


Love it or hate it, Bey’s super-short fringe shows off her fabulous brows to perfection.


With her mermaid blue hue and bouncy bangs, Katy Perry looks every inch the pin-up pop siren.


#bleachella babe Taylor debuted her new ice-blonde 'do at Coachella, complete with grungy, wavy bangs. Debbie Harry meets Courtney Love. We approve.


Pixie dream girl Deschanel's eye-skimming blunt bangs means she reigns supreme as the Queen of Bangs.

  • Words: Rebecca Parker & Catriona Taylor

  • Photograpghy: Joe Brown, Toni&Guy Magazine Archives

  • Hair: Efi Davies