Blame Game

Blame Game

All hail Judy blame! Accessories designer, art director and fashion stylist extraordinaire

Fashion industry insiders, street-style connoisseurs and lovers of the arts have long celebrated Judy Blame’s non-conformist ideologies. Throughout the 1980s, Blame garnered notoriety with his DIY style jewellery; using safety pins, bottle tops, pearls and even cutlery to create off-kilt jewellery and accessories that sought to undermine the prevailing materialism of the decade of excess.

This summer the Institute of Contemporary Arts pays homage to Blame with an extensive montage of his work, including an assortment of artefacts from clothing to collages, personal sketchbooks, and special commissions that delve into Blame’s provocative take on fashion and his experimental nature.

Judy Blame: Never Again includes a presentation of drawings by artist Trojan, an off-site project titled A Journey Through London Subculture: 1980s to Now, paintings by the late poet David Robilliard and photographs by Mark Cawson. Judy Blame has also created a limited edition zine to accompany the exhibition.

9th June – 4th September

Adam, i-D magazine, photo: William Baker, 2010

Cheap Queen, collage by Judy Blame, 1994

Judy Blame portrait for POP magazine, photo: Ben Dunbar-Brunton, 1999

Jewellery idea by Judy Blame, 1983

  • Words: Rebecca Parker