Galactic Garments

Galactic Garments

International fashion students fuse science and style for the Science Museum’s Couture in Orbit project

The Science Museum are showcasing a Couture in Orbit exhibition, as part of an ongoing project that pays tribute to the five European Space Agency missions to the International Space Station between 2014 and 2016. The museum has partnered with top European fashion schools from London, Paris, Milan, Copenhagen and Berlin, whose students have spoken to astronauts from their respective countries to gain an insight into a whole range of topics from sustainability, climate protection and recycling in order to produce a series of designs that are inspired by space flight.

Through the exploration of themes such as technology, environment and health, each young designer has conjured up ideas that combine state-of-the-art technology and textiles. As well as being crafted with intelligent materials in mind, the designs also take note of the wearer’s movements to produce usable energy and regulate their temperature.

Wearable technology is a key theme throughout the project, with each designer focussing on how technology and fashion can be combined to produce something that is visually compelling as well as practical. Each designer’s finished collection will be showcased at the Science Museum’s Lates Space Fashion Show.

25th May,


  • Words: Rebecca Parker