Jane & Serge. A Family Album.

Jane & Serge. A Family Album.

Celebrating the love story that dominated the 60s and 70s: Jane and Serge. A Family Album takes a peek behind the scenes of their decade-long affair

Taschen’s newly released tome is an ode to one of the greatest love affairs of the 60s. Charting the controversial coupling of enigmatic French singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg and Brit beatnik poster girl Jane Birkin (whose sexually-charged duet Je T'aime Moi Non Plus sent shockwaves through Gainsbourg’s native France), the book offers a rare insight into their relationship that spanned more than a decade. Candid moments captured with thousands of photographs taken by Birkin’s brother Andrew — many of which had remained unpublished until now — including snapshots of the pair with their beloved daughter, the actress Charlotte Gainsbourg. Despite it being over thirty years since they parted ways (Jane left him for Jacques Doillon), theirs is a love story that keeps us coming back for more.

Get Jane's Look
Jane Birkin was one of the great beauties of her generation. Coltish-limbed, doe-eyed with heavy bangs that framed her elfin features – hers was a style that continues to spawn a thousand imitations (ahem, Alexa Chung). Here’s how to replicate her look:

Lashings of liquid eyeliner for that wide-eyed 60s dolly look: Eyeko eyeliner, £10 | Nude lipstick with a hint of pink - make sure it’s matte: Sisley lipstick, £28 | label.m Blow Out spray will transform limp, lack-lustre hair into an envy-inducing mane: label.m Blow Out spray, £12.50

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