Show and tell

Show and tell

Meet the makers at this year’s Artists Open Houses festival

Artists Open Houses festival in Brighton is a chance to peek into artists’ homes and studios to gain an insight into how they produce their work. Starting on 30th April and running throughout May, over 1,000 local artists will open their doors to meet visitors and allow them to view and buy their work.

Locations are grouped into different trails around the city, each showcasing a different atmosphere, from the industrialised warehouses of the North Lanes to Hanover’s quaint fisherman’s cottages. Sixty new artists houses will be taking part in the festival including Marion Brandis, who specialises in handmade ceramics, tiles and mosaics. Last year’s winner of Best Open House, Dion Salvador Lloyd, will be showing contemporary oil paintings symbolising the connection between the earth and sky.

“We are thrilled to have so many new artists and houses taking part in this year’s festival,” says Artists Open Houses festival director Judy Stevens. “Brighton and Hove is an incredibly creative city with a wealth of talent. The festival is a fantastic platform for artists and makers and it’s a testament to its success that so many of them want to be involved.”

Artists Open Houses Festival will run weekends from 30th April - 30th May and is free to the public. 

Seasalt by Dion Salvador Lloyd

The Brighton Pavillion Pier by Gerard Byrne

The Magic Lamp by Melanie Hodge

Where Magic Happens by Jessica Zoob

  • Words: Rebecca Parker

  • Banner Photography: Knitted Ortiz Sardines by Kate Jenkins