Chip off the old block

Chip off the old block

 Counterfeits be gone! Ferragamo are stepping up their security

 It’s standard practice to microchip your pet but your shoes or your handbag? Now luxury Italian accessories label, Salvatore Ferragamo is planning to stop counterfeiters in their tracks by cleverly concealing microchips in the heels of its shows and in some handbags. So far, so MI5.

The move is set to not only reduce fake imitations, but also boost the value of authentic items.

“The people who can afford to spend thousands on a purse often get tired of them after six months and tend to sell them on eBay,” Greg Furman of the Luxury Market Council in New York told The Times. “More and more brands are realising that there is resale value to their products that’s not lost on eBay.”

 The chip will be well hidden and only able to be read at a distance of 4cm or less, so wearers won’t be able to be tracked. Except by their sheer good taste, that is.

  • Words: Catriona Taylor

  • Photography: Indigital