Great British Bargains

Great British Bargains

 Buy into Patrick Grant’s new project to support UK clothing factories

 E Tautz designer and Great British Sewing Bee judge Patrick Grant has launched a clever campaign to help British clothing factories – and offer us all a bargain or two at the same time.

 In the wake of London Fashion Week, you might think the UK’s fashion industry is doing pretty well. But though British designers are internationally renowned, many of our much-admired textiles factories are struggling.

 The problem? Seasonal collections. Because most major clothing orders are timed either for early spring or early autumn, there are several months a year during which factories don’t have enough orders to maintain a full staff. This means that factory workers are often unable to find or keep work during those quiet periods, and in some instances, factories have closed.

 Patrick Grant’s new project, Community Clothing, aims to fix this problem by filling factories with orders during those quiet months. Even better, the clothes will be sold at wholesale price directly to customers, cutting out the middle man and the mark-up added by retailers.

 A pair of designer-quality, raw-indigo jeans, manufactured in the UK, cost £49 when you buy through Community Clothing. A waterproof, cotton-twill raincoat costs £119. The items will be delivered in July – off-season – but with timeless designs at a snip of their usual price, who cares?

 Support Community Clothing on Kickstarter

  • Words: Hattie Crisell