Hair Icons

Hair Icons

Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck shares some inspirational looks from her all-time favourite hair icons

 Linda Evangelista

"Linda is the ultimate hair chameleon but I liked her best with a short, red crop that framed her elfin features - my favourite Super"

Debbie Harry

"Debbie dyed her hair herself, resulting in this give-a-damn two tone look that spawned a thousand imitations"

Brigitte Bardot

"This is a classic 60s look from Brigitte: a teased-up kittenish beehive. It's a little bit undone, which makes it all the more sexy"

Michelle Pfeiffer

"Michelle's transformation into glamorous gangster's moll for the movie Scarface was breathtaking. Her beautifully curved bob looks just as modern as it did back then"

 Siouxsie Sioux

"Siouxsie's punk poster girl status was cemented with her dramatic backcombed mane - both terrifying and awe-inspiring"

  • Images: Rex