Bohemian rhapsody

Bohemian rhapsody

YSL’s new make-up collection signals a new dawn for beauty

While our calendars are barely on the cusp of a new year, we can face spring head-on with YSL Beauté’s new bohemian-inspired make-up line.

The aptly named Boho Stones collection introduces two colour palettes inspired by precious gems. The first, Gypsy Opale, £42.50 is for the face, complete with colour correcting shades which aims to neutralise a tell-tale ruddy post-Christmas hue, replacing it with a flushed, healthy glow. The second, Indie Jaspe, £42.50, contains five irridescent eyeshadow shades that range from flattering peach to a soft sage green to pep up peepers. Pair with one of two limited edition mascaras in Bohemian Pink or Hippie Green, £25, for a dreamy, wide-eyed look.

For a finishing touch, The Opalescents, £19, (that’s nail lacquer to you and me)in Love Pink and Peace Green will have you ready for a summer of love.

Available from January 2016

  • Words: Rebecca Parker