Medicinal Purposes

Medicinal Purposes

Pop up maestros Midnight Apothecary welcome punters with their winter garden

It’s hard to believe that the secret garden atop London’s Brunel Museum was once an unloved wasteland.  London’s very own Cocktail Gardener – yes, that’s a thing - Lottie Muir transformed the derelict space into a thriving fruit and vegetable oasis three years ago and it’s since been home to her successful pop-up event the Midnight Apothecary.

Four seasons in, this Winter sees the garden embrace the festive season with a heart-warming cocktails and campfires combination, with tipples made from ingredients foraged from the garden and combined with locally sourced alcohol including Old Tom gin from Jensen and Hiver Honey beer. Greek gastro team I Should be Souvlaki will be on hand to help the masses line their stomachs.

Tickets cost £5 and include entry to the museum, guided tours and marshmallows.

  • Words: Catriona Taylor