Take the scare out of your hair this Halloween with these failsafe looks from Horror’s classic heroines…

Alex, Jane & Suki, The Witches of Eastwick

This trio’s power perms nod heavily to the 80s when big was better. Lure your own handsome devil into town with gravity-defying corkscrew curls and some frizz-fighting balm.

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label.m Curl Cream £14.95

Tatum Riley, Scream

Teen cult hit Scream is officially the highest-grossing slasher film in the US and spawned a series of spin-offs. Actress Rose McGowan dyed her naturally brunette hair blonde to play the part of sparky teen Tatum. Because blondes have more fun - unless they’re being chased by a serial killer, that is.

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label.m Brightening Blonde Shampoo £12.95

Wendy Torrance, The Shining

Stanley Kubrick’s chilling tale of abandoned hotel and axe-wielding psychopath (courtesy of Jack Nicholson’s stellar performance) had us quaking in our boots. Protagonist Wendy spends the majority of the film hiding beneath some generous bangs and a curtain of long, dark hair.

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Nancy Downs, The Craft

Power hungry bully Nancy wreaks havoc as a member of a witches’ coven in The Craft. Conjuring up curses and dabbling in the supernatural may not be the top of our wish list but her gothic punk hairdo most definitely is.

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Wednesday Addams, Addams Family Values

Little Miss Sunshine she ain’t. But gothic tween and eternal pessimist Wednesday Addams’ perfect pigtails remain unrivalled.  Create your own crowning glory with a no-nonsense centre parting and lashings of Hold & Gloss Spray.

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  • Words: Catriona Taylor, Rebecca Parker