Costume drama

Costume drama

Discover the beauty of 19th-century clothing at Glasgow Museum.

A display of 19th-century costume is to go on display from Glasgow Museums’ collection of European costume. The exhibition will showcase rarely seen examples of womenswear, menswear and children’s clothing and will look at how these items were made and where they were sold, as well as exploring the stories behind the people that wore them.

The displays will feature clothing embroidered with fine cottons and decadent woven silks, as well as ornate wedding dresses and couture evening gowns. Leading Glaswegian department stores and dress-makers will be showcased alongside an extensive range of accessories, including dainty jewellery, purses, and bonnets.

A century of style: Costume and Colour 1800 – 1899 is open until 14 February 2016 with tickets costing £5.

  • Words: Rebecca Parker

  • Photography: Courtesy of Glasgow Museum Collection of European Costume