Get a Clue

Get a Clue

Make like Cher from Clueless with a new Instagram app that teaches you how to dress better

The holy grail of head-to-toe dressing is here: a new algorithm that will offer helpful sartorial hints and tips to see your #OOTD picture likes soar.

Researchers from the University of Toronto explored the theory that style is a science one can learn the formula for. With this in mind, they collated data from social networking website - a site that allows users to upload photos so the community can share and comment on their clothing choices. The team then analysed a series of Instagram posts and the interest each had generated, looking at the variables that had contributed to some posts being more popular than others. These were then coded via a computer system that went on to list an entire spectrum of ‘fashionability factors’.

It’s these ‘fashionability factors’ you can tweak to improve your outfit and overall style. Allegedly. The helpful trend forecasting algorithm can suggest outfit combinations, advise you what to wear to suit your body shape and even recommend where your look should be showcased. 

While this may feel like social media gone mad, the Computer Vision Foundation who provided the report is quick to stress that fashion is subjective and open to personal interpretation, "Whether a person in a photograph is truly fashionable is probably best decided by fashion experts. It is also to some extent a matter of personal taste, and probably even depends on the nationality and the gender of the viewer. Here we opt for leveraging the taste of the public as a proxy for fashionability."

Occasionally we could all do with a helping hand in the style stakes. Just remember there’s not an app to tell you if your bum looks big in that. Yet.

  • Words: Rebecca Parker

  • Photography : Clueless: 1995, Paramont Pictures