38 brand new emojis will be introduced next year

These days, the emojis that we drop into each text message, Facebook update and Instagram post are almost as important as whatever we write beside them. After all, a kissy face, a dancing lady or a thumbs-up can paint a thousand words.

But the downside is that it feels like a major communication fail when we can't find the right symbol to express our precise emotions so it's very exciting to learn that Unicode, creators of the standard emoji list, are adding 38 new ones.

These will include "clinking glasses" (cheers!),"nauseated face" (perfect for the hangover that follows), "selfie" (surely set to take over Instagram) and "the call me hand" (the perfect nonchalant way to suggest a second date). There are also emojis on the way to represent both avocado and bacon, which is good news for anyone who likes to brunch.

The only unfortunate news is that these symbols won't arrive until June 2016 so we're stuck with what we've got for the time being. Thumbs down sad face.

  • Words: Hattie Crisell