On Your Bike

On Your Bike

Take to the road for culture, cuisine and a tailor-made itinerary. Behold the birth of the bespoke bike tour

The package holiday has grown up. On the wane are chartered flights, all-you-can-eat buffets and a Torremolinos tan, replaced by a thirst for all things authentic. Foodie pilgrimages, boutique hotels and more recently, cycling holidays have signified a shift in tastes and tour operators are tripping over themselves to cater for a more discerning customer.

Tapping into the rustic revolution is DuVine, a tour company that has specialised in luxury cycling experiences for the past 17 years, offering its holidaymakers tailor-made trips on two wheels to far-flung destinations such as Jordan and the Galápagos Islands. Founder Andy Levine (wine connoisseur, adventurer and globetrotter) has found a way of combining all of his hobbies within one successful business model.

Levine explains, ‘DuVine is committed to seeking out the very best in everything for our guests. Our goal is to amaze, surprise and delight our guests with unparalleled experiences’. While their typical demographic is urban couples with demanding jobs looking to spend a week in the great outdoors, there’s a host of options ranging from classic and family tours to a pro package which delivers one-on-one coaching from a world-class cycling expert, ensuring you reach peak performance en route.

Couture and private expeditions take luxury to another level – you can plot your own itinerary and every whim is catered for (private jets and celebrity guest appearances are not unheard of). Top-of-the-range carbon road bikes, gourmet suppers and lavish digs are par for the course whichever package you choose, while group numbers are kept low to ensure a personal feel. For those looking to submerge themselves in local culture and sample the delights of the native cuisine, it’s all within the comfortable realms of a catered-for holiday and brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘all-inclusive’.

DuVine is offering an exclusive £100 welcome discount for Toni&Guy customers. Simply quote T&GMag with your booking. For info visit webinquiries@duvine.com

  • Words: Catriona Taylor