To sequel a mockingbird

To sequel a mockingbird

Harper Lee is giving the people what they want: a second novel

For many of us, To Kill a Mockingbird wasn’t just required reading at school – it was also a novel we fell in love with. The American classic told the story of a miscarriage of justice in the 1930s Deep South, through the eyes of a heroine we could all relate to – the scrappy, funny Scout Finch.

Published in 1960, it was thought to be the only novel we would ever get from author Harper Lee, so it’s exciting to hear that after all these years, a sequel is finally heading our way. Lee actually wrote Go Set a Watchman before To Kill A Mockingbird, but for many years the manuscript was lost. The novel features a grown-up Scout as she visits her father and reflects on the past. Get ready for the literary event of the year.

Pre-order Go Set a Watchman, out 14 July

  • Words: Hattie Crisell