Victoria Beckham wants to paint your nails

Victoria Beckham wants to paint your nails

A new collaboration with Nails inc means some seriously fashionable manicures

Good news: having spent the last five years teaching us all how to dress in her chic, minimalist style, Victoria Beckham is now taking charge of our manicures too. In a collaboration between diffusion line Victoria, Victoria Beckham and Nails inc, she’s released two colours: Bamboo White (a delicate bone shade for understated cool) and Judo Red (a bold, tomato red).

As you’d expect from VB, the packaging is as important as what’s inside. The bottles are designed in Venetian glass, frosted on two sides to conceal the polish. At £25 each, they’re very much designer items, but just think how stylish they’ll look on your dressing table – not to mention your nails.

Find both polishes online at Nails Inc.

  • Words: Hattie Crisell