Hair Icons: Music

Hair Icons: Music

Our top ten hit parade of muso hair icons runs the gamut from Hollywood glamour to down-and-dirty dishevelment – what's your festival hair favourite?

Rita Ora: Bombshell
Ultra glam blonde bombshell Rita has made quite the transformation from her brunette pre-fame days. As Serbia’s answer to Marilyn Monroe, Rita seems to have totally reinstated old-school Hollywood curls. Citing Gwen Stefani as her major influence ('Do you know how much I love that woman? I love everything about her') it’s pretty clear where the red lippy and platinum barnet comes from. Curls are high maintenance but thankfully label.m's Curl Cream, £13.25, with jojoba, bran and sunflower soothes, protects and gets you right on track for Hollywood glamour.

Elvis: Quiff
Probably the most legendary – and surely the most parodied of hairstyles – Elvis’s unforgettable pompadour is synonymous with rock 'n’ roll. It was as much his hair as his pelvic thrusts that gave all the girls heart palpitations. In the early 50s, the King modelled his mop on the hairstyle favoured by southern truck drivers and later, on Memphis Mafia style – dyed jet-black with alarmingly long sideburns. Though the sex appeal of the greasy crooner somewhat diminished as the pounds piled on, the slicked-back, sculpted quiff proved timeless, still remixed to this day by everyone from Rihanna to Bruno Mars. If you’re looking to create your own Elvis-inspired pompadour, label.m's Soft Wax is the key to sculpting and of course, keeping in place. £12.25

Haim: Hippy
With their free-flowing natural locks, these three sisters are the embodiment of a modern-day Joni Mitchell. Apparently not affected by a concept of ‘cool’ – performing as a band with their parents until only recently – their look seems completely unpretentious, which of course only serves to heighten their cool. To mimic the thick, bountiful locks of these three natural beauties, you can try label.m’s Brunette Resurrection Style Dust, £12. A miracle powder designed to add depth to hair tones, thus enhancing volume and texture, it allows for effortless backcombing and an insouciant look.

Harry Styles: Mop
Thanks to crazed One Direction fans everywhere, Harry Styles’ trademark wavy tresses are lucky enough to have their very own Twitter account and Tumblr page, not to mention Facebook tribute groups aplenty. A celebrity in its own right, Harry’s hair has been copied by an astonishing number of teenagers. And when the poor boy suggested he might shave it all off in an image overhaul, the anger and alarm ignited was enough to force him to back down. We suspect that getting his hair as perfectly messy and voluminous as it is must take a lot of work and many helping hands, however much Mr Styles may like to insist otherwise. To help you achieve the same, label.m’s Volume Mousse, £11.95, is just the ticket.

Dusty Springfield: Bouffant
Back in the day she was a client of none other than Mr Toni Mascolo, and thanks to Dusty’s notorious peroxide bouffant, the ‘beehive’ achieved global fame. And though pretty hard to pull off in casual terms, her pioneering hairstyle has inspired several high profile comebacks, notably on the one-and-only Amy Winehouse. You’re going to need something pretty powerful to keep a beehive à la Dusty intact. Luckily, label.m has just the product - Extreme Hold Hairspray’s fine mist is easy to manipulate while giving an effective and flawless finish, £12.95.

Professor Green: Greaser
Though it may appear that Pro Green’s missus Millie Mackintosh is increasingly shredding what remains of his Hackney authenticity, apparently his recent smart, slicked-back haircut preceded the heiress's grooming influence. Indeed, his new retro style allegedly transformed his love life: ‘I thought, let me see if I can grow my hair while I still can… and I’ve got a girlfriend now!’ While it might even be the publicity that came from dating an East End bad boy that attracted the young lady in the first place, the cut itself does seem to be a hit with a wider audience, cropping up on hipster heads everywhere. To achieve the traditionally slicked-back rich banker style that now apparently screams East-End trendy, sculpt and tame flyaway hairs with label.m’s Texture Wax Stick, £10.95.

Jim Morrison: Bedhead
In spite of the booze and Class As, according to Jim, ‘some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts’. No matter, men everywhere have tried to mimic Morrison's hairstyle ‘mistakes’ time and time again. As the self-proclaimed 'king of orgasmic rock' and undoubtedly one of the sexiest stars ever to wield a guitar, Morrison came to be seen as the embodiment of charisma and cool – his wild and often sweat-ridden curls playing no small part. Though Jim’s look might have been famously low-maintenance and product-free, label.m’s Sea Salt Spray, £12.95, allows you to get that naturally wild and tousled style without breaking a sweat.

Marsha Hunt: 'Fro
Though perhaps more well-known as Mick Jagger’s muse, mother to his first child and the inspiration for the Rolling Stones hit ‘Brown Sugar’, Marsha Hunt was responsible for redefining the hairstyles of a whole generation. Having graced the cover of Vogue wearing nothing but her huge Afro, she became the star of rock musical ‘Hair’, and with her natural look, influenced droves of women not to conform to traditional paradigms of beauty. Afros take a lot of work, with natural curls prone to dryness. For hair with a tendency for being brittle and dry, label.m's Protein Spray, £12.95, will restore shine, repair health and protect against further damage. Wedge
While perhaps not likely to spawn millions of copycat ‘wedge’ hairstyles, Ewok-esque superstar’s unique look is certainly a statement – and a bold departure from his dreadlocked Black Eyed Peas days. It seems the more famous he gets the more outlandish his hair, so quite frankly we can’t wait for the next instalment. Even if you’re not quite ready to go the whole hog for this mighty musical midget's asymmetric cut and bonkers hair accessories, label.m’s Power Paste, £12.25, will allow you to create texture, definition and gentle hold.

Florence Welch: Red
Boldly flouting that ever-present ginger stigma, Florence broke out of the mould and dyed her naturally mousey hair a flaming red. Now her glamorous Botticelli-esque look, replete with fulsome fringe, has become part of her signature. Despite years of colour processing, Florence’s hair always looks astonishingly shiny, healthy and thick. label.m’s Shine Mist, £12.75, is the perfect product to help give your hair a similar smooth and healthy sheen, although sadly not the firey red colour.

  • Words: Flora Hughes-Onslow