Master Class

Master Class

Gerard Basset OBE is a Master of Wine and World Champion Sommelier

He grew up in France but rose through the ranks of the wine world in the UK, where he now serves as an ambassador for French Wines with Style. Here he shares some expert insights into these wonderful tipples.

Why are French wines so special? French wine growers  and producers are very passionate and enthusiastic about their wines; or to put it another way, they have ‘une certaine joie de vivre’!

What is the concept behind French Wines with Style?  French wines have great diversity and are extremely enjoyable. By presenting the wines in four different style groups we are helping and encouraging wine drinkers to discover the wonderful choice of French wines available.

What advice can you give people looking for the right style of French wine for them? Tell your wine merchant or sommelier what flavours you like and what your budget is and then let yourself be guided. You’ll make lovely discoveries along the way. 

What improvements have been made to French wines recently? There have been significant advances in vineyard management and the overall understanding  of wine production.  

What trends are you seeing? There will always be new fashions, but what’s most important is that wine producers stay true to their beliefs and continue striving to increase the quality of their wines. If the quality is high, consumers will always appreciate their wines.