Hello, Kitty

Hello, Kitty

 Just when we thought we’d seen it all, a moggy has been selected to front Shu Uemura’s latest collection

But this isn’t just any common cat and to Lagerfeld fans, it will come as no surprise that she’s the muse behind the brand’s latest campaign.  ‘The Kaiser’ has long been a fan of using Shu Uemura products for his sketches and illustrations and coupled with the fact that Choupette has her own Twitter account with over 40,000 dedicated followers, it makes purrfect sense.

The Shupette for Shu Uemura collection features flicked and fluffy false eyelashes, cleansing oils and even a blue eyeshadow rumoured to be an exact match to the Siamese cat’s blue peepers. One things for sure, with a new global beauty contract firmly under her collar, this kitty certainly got the cream.

From October, shuuemura.com

  • Words: Bethan King

  • Photography: Shu Uemura, twitter.com/choupettesdiary, WWD