Make Mine a Martini

Make Mine a Martini

Shaken or stirred, the new exhibition at the Royal Academy explores the allure of the martini in all its forms

The Royal Academy Senate Rooms are playing host to a mini-exhibition marvelling at the Martini cocktail. Organised by premium vodka label Belvedere, The Legends of the Martini explores the allure surrounding the iconic tipple through multi-sensory installations, film and music, and recognises the famous people throughout history associated with the martini, from Ernest Hemingway to Elizabeth Taylor and of course, James Bond - poster boy of the shaken-not-stirred version.

Curator Tory Turk says, ‘The Martini cocktail has had many manifestations throughout its development, and now holds a distinct image within popular culture. Its connotations evoke an invitation to a sophisticated lifestyle and Legends of the Martini opens the door into this world.’

Billed as an immersive experience, Turk was keen to capture the public's imagination: 'People often just walk around exhibitions without really taking it in. But here you have to stop and think and engage.' The exhibition also invites visitors to try out a turn in the enormous martini glass a la Dita Von Teese or book a tasting to whet one's appetite with three mini-martinis of your choosing.

Runs from 1 - 31 August, at The Royal Academy of Arts Senate Rooms, London W1J 0BD. Exhibition is free, tickets for the tasting experience are £15. Book online here 

  • Words: Catriona Taylor

  • Photography : Courtesy of Belvedere Vodka