Freckle Face

Freckle Face

Turn back time with Topshop's new freckle pencil

Designers went wild for the fresh, youthful look of sun-dappled skin for Summer '14. Now Topshop's new Freckle Pencil allows you to achieve the look at home.

Hannah Murray - Topshop's beauty consultant and creator of the pencil - was keen to create a product that would enable the most natural of looks. The result is a unique dual pigment pencil that allows the user to create a sunkissed marble effect on skin.

"Tap marks quickly and randomly onto the skin starting on the bridge of the nose moving down onto the cheeks and outwards," Murray instructs. The key is to layering these faux freckles over clean skin or a very light base.

According to Murray, you can even tailor your freckles to your face shape. If you have a round-shaped face: "Scatter freckles across the higher place of the face where you would naturally catch the sun. Begin at the bridge of the nose, keeping the freckles dense and sweep down onto the cheeks." Those with heart-shaped faces should concentrate on the top of the nose and only very lightly across cheeks whereas oval faces can wear denser freckles across their nose and directly under the eyes.

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  • Words: Catriona Taylor