The Wood For The Trees

If you go down to the woods today, beware of a big surprise... in the form of a luxury tree hotel.

Those clever Swedes have done it again. Not content with global flat pack domination, they’ve turned their attentions to the great outdoors – crafting luxury tree houses in the Boreal pine forest of Sweden.

Inspired by Jonas Selberg Augustsén’s film The Tree Lover, Treehotel takes sleeping amongst the stars to another level. The philosophy it celebrates is a simple one: closeness to nature. But sleeping al fresco here is far from slumming it. There are five tree rooms in total (with plans to expand their woodland portfolio to include 24 more in the surrounding forest), and no two rooms are the same. Their offbeat names reflect their quirky exteriors: The Mirrorcube (a two way mirrored shell that seems to melt into the trees around it) and The UFO, which bears an uncanny resemblance to ET’s mother ship, are just two examples. All possess breathtaking views of the Lule river valley amid a tranquil setting.

Suspended four to six metres above ground level, each pod has been painstakingly put together using eco-friendly techniques to lessen impact its upon the environment. Room sizes vary, the largest sleeping up to four and each has a slick, custom-designed Scandi-cool interior.

Meals are served by owners Britta and Kent Lindvall in the gloriously retro themed Pensionat (that’s guest house to you and me). There’s even a woodland sauna if you want to go the whole herring.

March sees the unveiling of a new tree room: The Five Leaf Clover. A souped up conference room that caters for up to 12 people. Designed by Rintala Eggertsson Architects, the latest addition aims to provide businesses with a space to get creative. Teambuilding weekends just got good. 

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  • Words: Catriona Taylor