Two Faced

Two Faced

Fans of Hitchcock and film noir will love this gripping period thriller set in the early 1960s

The film focuses on glamorous American couple Chester (Mortensen) and Collette (Dunst) who are holidaying in Athens. While touring the sites they meet Rydal (Oscar Isaac) a young Greek-American tour guide who is also an experienced scammer. When one of them gets caught up in a murder, they are all left trying to flee the country.

The film is utterly compelling – the tension starts slowly at first and then gradually builds as the trio lie, scheme and play mind games with one other. Dunst gives a solid performance as the alluring yet emotionally fragile Collette, while Mortensen impresses as the charismatic and dark Chester.

The film’s locations in Greece, Crete and Istanbul give a rich and visually stunning backdrop to this complex thriller and we couldn’t help but lust after Dunst’s beautiful and elegant costumes (we want that lemon yellow dress). If you’re a fan of seat-gripping tension coupled with a large dose of glamour, you won’t be left disappointed.



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  • Words: Lizzie Barron