Jam Jar Flowers

Jam Jar Flowers

South London florist JamJar Flowers know a thing or two about bringing the outside in

Specialising in bespoke arrangements, their pickle jar bouquets are gorgeous.  They show us how to create our own from scratch. You’ll need scissors and a gallon sized pickle jar.

Step 1: Choose your foliage and remove the leaves from the stems. We’re using autumn eucalyptus and flowering eucalyptus for extra height.

Step 2: Add seasonal flowers (ours are blue anemones). Trim stems diagonally so they can drink up water. Place into the jar at different heights.  

Step 3: Add more flowers to the jar. We’re using white ranunculus to create a fresh, spring  look. Cut these diagonally, too. 

Step 4: Finish with a rope or ribbon around the jar. Change the water every few days and trim the stems (but not the foliage) to keep them happy.


  • Words: Catriona Taylor