Off your rocker

Off your rocker

House of Hackney is the home of matchy-matchy

Imagine turning your nan’s old sofa covers into a sundress and you’re half way to understanding the genius behind House of Hackney. The luxury homeware and fashion brand was established in 2010 by husband and wife team Javvy M Royle and Frieda Gormley. There pair take traditional British motifs and designs and give them an irreverent, contemporary spin. Everything starts with its signature post-kitsch prints, which are then applied to everything from wallpaper, cushions and footstools to t-shirts, notebooks and brothel creepers. This clever approach means you can match your chair with your coat or your tea cosy to your trouser, as you please.

Palmeral Rocker Swing Seat  £5,850

Prints range from the sublime, such as the rose-strewn Midnight Garden, to the brilliantly ridiculous, such as Hackney Empire (depicting boozing badgers and guitar strumming squirrels), as well as classic choices including the evergreen Palmeral and Persian carpet-inspired Mey Meh. 

Palmeral Edwardian Deckchair with Footstool £355
Palmeral Outdoor Round Table £425
Palmeral Armchair Deckchair

With a flagship store in London’s Shoreditch and a new concession at Liberty’s, House of Hackney continues to expand this summer. New for the holiday season is its line of swimwear and an outdoor swing seat in collaboration with Odd Old Rocker. Priced at £5,850, this is no common-or-garden piece of furniture but it’s worth every penny so that you can recline poolside in a twinned swing and high-waist bikini. Bottoms up.  

Palmeral High Waist Bikini £185

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  • Words: Helen Jennings